Social Media

The rise in popularity of social media has brought about new worlds of opportunity, both in networking between private citizens, as well as a direct line of communication between local governments and the public it serves. In an ongoing effort to provide up-to-date information in a way that is as easily accessible as possible, Pitt County Government currently maintains accounts with the following social media platforms:


Facebook is a social networking site, and serves as the flagship social media account for Pitt County. Users can “post” comments, images, and video to their pages, which show up in the “news feed” of users who subscribe (i.e. “like” or “follow”) to various account. All Facebook pages for County departments are structured under the official “master page” for Pitt County.  
The Official Pitt County Facebook page:
• Pitt County Animal Services:
• Pitt County Health Department: 
• Pitt County Emergency Management: 


Twitter is a web-based application that is used primarily for posting short text messages or status updates which are known as “tweets.” Users can subscribe to follow other users, meaning they will receive those users’ tweets and status updates. 
• The Pitt County Twitter account can be found at:


YouTube is a website that natively hosts user-uploaded videos that can be can streamed directly from the site or embedded in other sites via YouTube’s embedding tools. YouTube is also currently the location of all live streaming of meetings of various Pitt County Boards.  
• The Pitt County YouTube page can be found at:


Flickr is a photo sharing website that allows users to create albums, or “sets,” organizing photos based on content, date, or topic.  Users can subscribe to other users’ accounts so they can receive updates about new photos or photo sets. 
• The Pitt County Flickr account can be found at:

Social Media Account "HOUSE RULES"

PLEASE NOTE: All social media pages are presented by the Public Information Office for information and educational purposes only, and are intended only as an additional means of information distribution by Pitt County Government. While all public users are welcome to these page, the following rules of conduct will be adhered to, or users may be subject to being barred from future use or interaction with our pages.
  • Pitt County is not responsible for the comments, materials, or actions of any public user posting to our pages
  • Page administrators reserve the right to delete any comments or materials from public users deemed inaccurate, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate.
  • Complaints, negative comments, or questions related to a specific department should not be posted on any page, but rather directed to the Office of Public Information by calling 252-902-2955 or emailing
  • Due to personnel limitations, pages not monitored continuously. As such, questions or comments may not be replied to immediately. If you have an immediate concern, please contact the Office of Public Information by calling 252-902-2955 or emailing
  • If you are having an emergency, DO NOT try to contact Pitt County through a social media account. Please call 911 instead.