November 7th, 2019 CCC Meeting

Pitt County held their second Complete Count Committee Meeting on November 7, 2019. James Rhodes, Director of the Pitt County Planning Department welcomed the committee and stressed the importance of staying involved and active in the Census 2020 efforts. Pitt County’s Census Participation Specialist, Bernadette Richards welcomed the Complete Count Committees’ new Partnership specialist, Tanya D. Pierce. They both presented the committee with the current pushes seen within the Census 2020 campaign which consist of partnerships with schools, as well as the push for more applicants to work for the Census. With many other important voices who spoke during this meeting, such as Juvencio Rocha Peralta of Amexcan, and Bob Coates, the Governor’s Census Liaison and State Data Center Coordinator; a lot of great information was spread to the members on how important their roles truly are in making sure everyone is counted. To ensure the members were aware of their importance, they split up and individually filled out a poster on what they “HAVE” done, and what they “WILL” do in regard to their Census efforts. The committee agreed to reconvene on January 9th, 2020.