All-America County Award

Pitt County Named “All-America County” by National Civic League

2020 was the County’s first entry and win in the annual All America City Awards

Pitt County has a rich tradition of collaboration, bringing organizations and individuals together to improve the quality of life in our community.  It is because of these strong and interconnected community partnerships, that the County is honored to receive the 2020 All-America County designation from the National Civic League. 

Through innovative solutions such as the Local Reentry Council, which has helped transition over 500 individuals from incarceration back into society; or the Farm and Food Council, which works to promote a more sustainable and equitable food system, or the Community Paramedic Program, which brings lifesaving preventative healthcare to those who do not have regular medical access; we strive to open doors of opportunity to new pathways of success for all of our residents. 

On Wednesday, August 19, 2020, Pitt County, North Carolina was recognized as one of 10 “All-America County” award winners.  This honor was presented to the County by the National Civic League, during their annual conference, held virtually throughout the nation, and hosted from Denver CO.  The award comes in recognition of the County's work in inclusive civic engagement to address health and well-being, and create stronger connections among residents, businesses, and nonprofit and government leaders. 

"We are happy to designate Pitt County as an All-America County” said National Civic League President, Doug Linkhart.  “They showed us through their application and presentation that they do a great job of engaging the whole county in enhancing health and well-being."

Nationwide, all applicants submitted their community’s work on enhancing health and well-being through inclusive civic engagement and three projects for consideration, and the field was narrowed to 22.  This week, finalist communities made presentations virtually to a jury of eleven national thought-leaders, showing how their community leverages civic engagement, collaboration, inclusiveness and innovation to successfully address local issues. 

Identified in Pitt County’s common mission is an intentional commitment to engage people to determine their needs and to implement solutions. From the community health needs assessment, to comprehensive master plans, to appointments to boards and commissions, to establishing health priorities, the county listens intently to the voices of residents.

Using these resident voices, Pitt County identifies, develops and targets initiatives that connect community members with resources that improve health and well-being. Pitt County supports all residents by: helping incarcerated individuals through the Reentry Council; providing health care to the under-served through the Community Paramedic Program; and establishing a healthy sustainable food system.

To learn more about the All-America City awards, or the National Civic League in general, visit their website at  To learn more about the various other distinctions awarded to Pitt County, visit

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