Community Paramedic

Meet your Community Paramedic - an innovative approach to health care.

This video is a thank you to the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners NCACC. The NCACC recognized this program in the Excellence in Innovation award for 2021. Led by Paramedic Michelle Ethridge, this program enhances healthcare resource connectivity. This approach ensures patients have the ability to care for themselves and begin successfully navigating the healthcare system. 

Reducing Cost, Personalizing Care

Patients residing in Pitt County who experience moderate to high readmission risk to Vidant hospitals due to unmanaged chronic or mental illnesses and dangerous health risk factors will be the primary focus and beneficiaries of this partnership.

This program has 3 objectives:

1) Decrease overall inappropriate usage of both EMS and the Emergency Department (ED).
2) Strategically utilize all available resources to keep patients at home in their community.
3) Reduce healthcare system costs by aiding patients in managing chronic conditions outside of EMS and ED services.

CLICK HERE to view the Community Paramedic Program Informational Brochure

To learn more about the Community Paramedic Program or questions about enrollment, please call: 252-902-3950.