Voter Redistricting

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For the upcoming October 18th Board of County Commissioners public hearing for required changes to the Board’s voter district boundaries, a second draft plan has been developed with Commissioner input received prior to and during the September 27th public hearing.  The new plan – entitled BCC Draft 9/27 – and the previous BCC Draft 9/13 version are available for review below.  Public input on the plans is being solicited in advance of and during the October 18th public hearing.  Please contact the Pitt County Planning Department (252.902.3250) if you have any questions.

BCC 09/13/2021 Redistricting Plan Draft

Commissioner Redistricting Plan Draft 09/13/2021

BCC 09/27/2021 Redistricting Plan Draft



Following each federal decennial census, elected legislative bodies, including local municipalities, counties, and school boards, engage in redistricting of election districts to comply with Federal and State constitutional requirements.

The Mission

The purpose of redistricting is to better balance the population between commissioner districts so that no Pitt County Commissioner is representing substantially more residents than other commissioners. Redistricting is accomplished by adjusting the boundaries of the County’s six voter districts to account for population growth. Decennial redistricting occurs every 10 years and is based on the population data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau’s most recent decennial census (2020).

The Process

Planning Department staff obtained 2020 census data on August 12th, 2021. To comply with the "one person, one vote" standard, an ideal population is established for each district by dividing the total County population by the number of officials to be elected from districts. Based on 2020 census data, Pitt County has a population of 170,243. There are six (6) County Commissioner seats and thus the ideal population for the districts is 28,374. To determine equality among districts, the “+/- 5% Deviation Rule” is applied.   Currently, District 4 has the highest population, with a 13% deviation from the ideal population.  District 2 has the lowest population, with a deviation of almost 11% from the ideal population. Additionally, District 3 falls outside of the 5% deviation rule (see table below).


Based on the 2020 Census data, the Board of County Commissioners on August 23rd, 2021, adopted a resolution to authorize staff to initiate the redrawing of the Board’s voter districts.

Moving Forward

On August 23rd, 2021, the Board of County Commissioners adopted a resolution to proceed with redistricting.  In addition, the Board adopted the following Working Assumptions that are being used to prepare draft redistricting map(s).

Click here to view BCC Resolution to Proceed (Adopted August 23rd, 2021)
08/23/2021 Power Point Presentation PDF


  • Continuous Boundaries as Required by G.S. § 153A-22(c)
  • Compliance with Equal Protection Clause of US Constitution (One Person One Vote)
  • Compliance with Section 2 of Voting Rights Act
    • Minority Voting Strength Not Diluted


  • Protection of Incumbents
  • Development of Compact Districts 
  • Use of Existing Voter District and Precinct Boundaries When Possible and Practicable


August 23rd - September 7th

  • Develop Staff Recommended Redistricting Plan for BCC Review

 September 13th 

 September 13th - September 21st 

  • Meet w/ BCC members in Small Groups
  • Make Recommended Adjustments to Proposed Plan

 September 27th  

  • BCC Meeting - Present Recommended Plan Revisions
  • Hold Public Hearing
  • Set October 18th Public Hearing Date

 October 18th 

  • BCC Meeting – Present Final Redistricting Plan(s)
  • Hold Public Hearing

 November 1st 

  • BCC Meeting – Consider Adoption of 2021 Redistricting Plan

 November 15th 

  • BCC Meeting - Alternate Adoption Date

 November 17th 

  • Date of conclusion for Redistricting Process
  • Allows 150 Days Before Primaries

Action Taken

On September 13th, 2021, staff presented the 9/13 draft redistricting plan.

Click here to view BCC DRAFT PLAN 9/13

09/13/2021 Power Point Presentation PDF

On September 27th, 2021, staff presented the 9/13 draft redistricting plan an held the first public hearing for the redistricting process. The BCC directed staff to prepare a 9/27 draft redistricting plan that includes changes suggested by the Commissioners.

Click here to view BCC DRAFT PLAN 9/27

09/27/2021 Power Point Presentation PDF

Next Upcoming Action

Hold October 18th Public Hearing