COVID-19 Recovery Fund

arp-web-bannerPitt County has been awarded $35,107.015 million in federal COVID-19 Recovery Funding to address COVID-19 response efforts and economic fallout from the pandemic. This recovery funding is just one part of an overall package of aid to local communities supported by the American Rescue Plan Act.

How is Pitt County using this funding? 

Pitt County is making rolling awards. See below for the projects awarded to date.
 Total Funds - $35.1 M Projects - 17 

Total Funds - $35.1 M
 Projects - 17

Cost Center
Expenditure Category
Amount Allocated (November 2022)

Amount Obligated (May 2023)

Amount Expended
 Broadband Infrastructure 5.17GREAT Grant Project$3,950,000


 Broadband Infrastructure 5.17Unallocated Broadband Funding$4,050,000

Awaiting Obligation

 Business & Employment       Assistance Negative Economic    Impacts 2.34 A Time for Science Project$500,000


Business & Employment
Negative Economic Impacts 2.34Boys & Girls Club Project$750,000


Business & Employment
Negative Economic Impacts 2.34Greenville Convention & Visitors Bureau Project$600,000


Community HealthNegative Economic              Impacts 2.22 Twin Community Health Centers$10,000,000

Awaiting Obligation

 Employee Health & Safety Public Health 1.14 EMS Equipment$3,500,000

 Employee Health & Safety Public Health 1.4 County Facilities Fixture Replacement$250,000

 Employee Health & Safety Public Sector Capacity 3.5 Courthouse Improvement Project$1,600,000

 Employee Health & Safety Revenue Replacement        6.1 Police Radio System Upgrade$1,800,000


Housing & homelessnessNegative Economic Impacts 2.34Community Crossroads$1,000,000

Awaiting Obligation

Water/Sewer/Stormwater InfrastructureRevenue Replacement 6.1Whitehurst Staton area water line$1,000,000

 Employee Health & Safety TBD Unallocated$478,349Awaiting Obligation
 Housing & Homelessness TBD Unallocated$3,000,000Awaiting Obligation
 Unallocated TBD Unallocated$200,000Awaiting Obligation
 ARP Administrator/Other Administrative 7.1 ARP Coordinator Position$350,000

ARP Administrator/OtherAdministrative
ARP Engineering Position$350,000
Employee Health & Safety Premium Pay 4.1 Premium Pay$1,487,839$1.487.839$1.487.839
Employee Health & SafetyPublic Health 1.1COVID-19 Vaccine Incentive Policy$240,827