4th Grade Litter Challenge

Door Posters

Litter Challenge Instructions:

1. Go for a walk around your neighborhood or local park. Be sure to bring your green litter bag and parent/guardian! 

2. Fill up your green bag with any litter you see. 

3. Once your bag is full, dump the litter in a trash can. Remember to wash your hands after you dispose of the trash.

4. Repeat as many times as possible and write down the number of bags you collect for each day on the line of your tracker.

5. Turn in your tracker to your teacher by Monday, April 24 with the total number of bags collected and parent/guardian signature.

6. Top class in each conference wins a pizza party!



  • Eastern Elementary 
  • Elmhurst Elementary 
  • Lakeforest Elementary 
  • South Greenville Elementary 
  • Wahl-Coates Elementary for the Arts


  • Belvoir Elementary 
  • Bethel School
  • Northwest Elementary  
  • Pactolus Global School
  • Stokes School


  • Chicod School 
  • G.R. Whitfield School 
  • Wintergreen Intermediate School 


  • Ayden Elementary
  • Grifton School


  • Creekside Elementary
  • Ridgewood Elementary
  • W.H. Robinson Elementary


  • Falkland Elementary 
  • Sam D. Bundy Elementary