Opioid Funds FAQ's

How much is Pitt County receiving?
Pitt County is set to receive $8,818,130 over the course of the next 18 years. Payments will be made to the county according to the schedule on the right. To access the payment schedule tool, visit the NC Opioid Settlement Page.

How will Pitt County determine how the money will be spent?
The state has provided options in its Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). Resources on those options can be found here.

MOA Guiding Principles
1. Spend the money to save lives
2. Use evidence and data to guide spending.
3. Invest in prevention of root causes.
4. Focus on equity and populations disproportionately impacted; Include people with lived experience.
5. Transparency and Accountability-Fair and transparent process for deciding where and how to spend the funding.

18 Year Payment to Pitt during 2022-2038

Pitt Opioid Settlement Funds