Tar Pamlico River Basin Flood Risk Management Study

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In response to recent flooding that occurred as a result of Hurricanes Matthew (2016) and Florence (2019), the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers received funding through the 2019 Additional Supplemental Appropriations for Disaster Relief (H.R. 2157) for a feasibility study to assess and recommend actions that reduce flood risk and increase resiliency within the Tar-Pamlico River Basin. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Pittsburgh District, has prepared the draft Integrated Feasibility Report and Environmental Assessment (IFR/EA) for the Tar Pamlico River Basin Flood Risk Management Study, dated October 2023. 

The draft IFR/EA addresses the development, evaluation, and comparison of alternative flood risk-management plans and describes the draft recommendation—or tentatively selected plan—for federal action to reduce flood risk and damages along the Tar River and its tributaries.

Study Area

The study area is located within the Tar River Basin, North Carolina. The Tar River Basin begins in the piedmont of North Carolina and extends 215 miles southeast through the Coastal Plan and flows to the Pamlico Sound estuary. The basin covers about 6,100 square miles. The study area is comprised of river reaches located along the Tar River and its major tributaries. Major population centers within the study area include Louisburg, Rocky Mount, Greenville, Tarboro, and Princeville, NC. The Pamlico River, including the City of Washington, NC was excluded from the current feasibility study and is being recommended for a subsequent study that would focus on characterizing and evaluating solutions to address combined riverine and coastal flooding.

More Information

For more information, including project updates, schedule and findings, please visit the Project Website.

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