General Application Process and Information

  • Applications must be completed in full to be fully evaluated. The checklist on the application shows the requirements needed for a complete application. Any application that is submitted without all of these elements will not be accepted. It is best to have all of these elements completed before submitting your application. 
  • Once the application is submitted, the application will be reviewed. Any questions that are generated by the review process will be communicated to the applicant. Please ensure that the contact information (email, phone number) that are listed on the application are accurate and regularly monitored. 
  • Questions regarding the applications will need follow-up from the applicant. Once all questions are addressed, and solutions are rectified or agreed upon, then the application may be approved. 
  • If your application is approved, you should receive a letter regarding this approval. Applications that are received, reviewed, and approved prior to construction are preferred.  
  • When your MFU or PC has been delivered, purchased, or otherwise obtained, contact Environmental Health to schedule an appointment. If issues are discovered that do not allow a permit to be issued during a visit, then these issues will be documented for the applicant to be corrected. Multiple visits may be required before a permit is issued.
  • Once all issues are addressed, and the MFU or PC receives an approval from Pitt County Environmental Health, then a permit is issued. 

Only after a permit is issued is the MFU or PC allowed to sell food or drink to the public. No food or drink is allowed to be sold prior to permit issuance.

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