Temporary Food Establishment (TFE) Commissary

  • A temporary food establishment commissary will be needed when preparing foods in advance off-site for an event. This application must be turned in in addition to the TFE application no later than 15 days prior to commencing operation.
    • To view or print this application, click "HERE".
  • The commissary can commence operations no more than 7 days prior to the beginning of the event.
  • The commissary can operate for the length of the event as not to exceed the 21-day limit.
  • The commissary application shall be submitted to the county health department in which the commissary is located along with the $75 fee. If the commissary is in a different county from Pitt, an application will need to be submitted to Pitt County and the county of the commissary location, with the $75 going to the county of the commissary location.
  • If the TFE owner is using their own, permitted food establishment in North Carolina to prepare foods in advance for the event, no TFE commissary permit is needed. However, they will still need to apply for the TFE permit for the event.

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