Hurricane Matthew Recovery

Posted on: February 28, 2017

Hurricane Matthew Resilient Redevelopment Planning

Hurricane Matthew Recovery Graphic

The Disaster Recovery Act of 2016 (Session Law 2016-124) directed North Carolina Emergency Management (NCEM) to facilitate and oversee the generation of Resilient Redevelopment Plans for the 50 counties and municipalities impacted by Hurricane Matthew and receiving federal declarations. The objectives of the effort are to (1) develop strategic, resilient redevelopment plans / actions; and (2) define any unmet funding requirements needed to implement such actions after taking into account other funding sources.

The planning process will be a highly collaborative effort and will entail three robust rounds of discovery, analysis, collaboration and interaction with County officials, staff, municipal leaders and the public on damage, needs, and strategies. These rounds will entail on-site meetings and discussion with subject matter experts and planners. The three meetings will take place at a location of your choosing in the County and will include:
• Meeting 1: Validation and/or discovery of data pertaining to damage and impacts
• Meeting 2: Construction, review, and feedback on first drafts of resilient redevelopment strategies
• Meeting 3: Refinement, feedback, and finalization of draft resilient redevelopment strategies

You can CLICK HERE to view the entire information packet. 

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