Who manages PITTworks?
The PITTworks Project is a partnership between several government, educational, and non-profit organizations that serve Pitt County. The lead partners are the Pitt County Department of Social Services, Pitt Community College, and the Pitt County NCWorks Career Center. Other partners include N.C. STRIVE, Literacy Volunteers of Pitt County, the state Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, the Region Q Workforce Development Board, Trillium Health Resources, Greene Lamp Community Action Agency, the Community Crossroads Center, and the Churches Outreach Network.

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1. Who manages PITTworks?
2. Will PITTworks find me a job?
3. What kind of help does PITTworks offer?
4. Who can enroll in PITTworks?
5. Do I have to be in PITTworks to keep my food stamps?
6. What if I have a physical or mental disability?
7. What if I have a criminal record?
8. How can I enroll in PITTworks?