What if I have a criminal record?
PITTworks can help people with criminal records find jobs. The program works closely with L.I.F.E. STRIVE's Re-entry Program and the state Former Offender Initiative, which specialize in helping people who have criminal records. PITTworks also offers training and job search assistance that can help those with criminal records to rejoin the workforce. Former Offender Intiative

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1. Who manages PITTworks?
2. Will PITTworks find me a job?
3. What kind of help does PITTworks offer?
4. Who can enroll in PITTworks?
5. Do I have to be in PITTworks to keep my food stamps?
6. What if I have a physical or mental disability?
7. What if I have a criminal record?
8. How can I enroll in PITTworks?