Why the need for a Large Commercial Breeder Ordinance?

North Carolina and especially Pitt County is a place where many breeders choose to locate to operate their businesses due to lack of regulations. It is our desire that all animals in Pitt County are treated and cared for humanely and for citizens to be sold healthy animals. The standards set forth for those that qualify are the same standards that North Carolina law establishes for all animal shelters in Pitt County. We feel these rules and regulations are reasonable and the annual permit fee of $50 is not excessive. These rules and regulations go into effect on November 20, 2018. 

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1. Why was there a need for a Comprehensive Animal Services Ordinance?
2. What are the major changes in this Ordinance from what was previously in effect?
3. Is there a tethering ban in this Ordinance?
4. Does this new ordinance change any rules or regulations as it concerns to hunters?
5. If I currently own exotic animals do I have to move or get rid of my animals?
6. Why the need for a Large Commercial Breeder Ordinance?