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Animal Services

  1. Animal Shetler Volunteer Form

    Please fill out the following information thoroughly.

Pitt County Health Department Forms

  1. Pitt County Health Department Student Placement Application

    This form serves as a application for high school and college students requesting internships and / or other contact hours at Pitt... More…

Planning & Development

  1. Addressing - Report Missing Road Sign

    Report missing or damaged road signs.

Social Services Forms

  1. Contact PITTworks

    An email contact form that can be used by someone who does not have their own email account.

  2. Food & Nutrition Services Update

    This form allows FNS clients to notify DSS of new addresses; phone numbers; changes in household income, expenses, and composition; and... More…

  1. Do I Qualify for PITTworks?

    A form by which potential PITTworks clients can determine whether they are either: 1) eligible to participate as a way of preserving... More…

  2. Public Comment Information Sheet

    Citizens who wish to speak at a Social Services Board meeting during the Public Address section need to complete and email in this... More…


  1. Whistleblower Information Submission

    Pitt County's Whistleblower Policy was adopted by the County Commissioners to formalize a mechanism for reporting suspected fraud... More…