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Animal Resource Center Volunteer Quiz

  1. Please give the name, relationship, phone number, and contact info, for your emergency contact.
  2. Question 1
    Which of the following is NOT in the Pitt County Animal Services Mission Statement?
  3. Question 2
    Which of the following is NOT one of the duties of Pitt County Animal Services?
  4. Question 3
    What is the first thing you should do when working in the kennels?
  5. Question 4
    If you have a concern about an animal (behavior, health, etc) you should:
  6. Question 5
    Which of the following is TRUE?
  7. Question 6
    The adoption fee for an animal does NOT include:
  8. Question 7
    Animals can be reserved for adoption by paying half of the adoption fee as a deposit.
  9. Question 8
    Which of the following is an acceptable volunteer shift?
  10. Question 9
    The first volunteer shift cannot be on a ____________.
  11. Question 10
    Volunteers may be asked to:
  12. Question 11
    If a volunteer is injured during a shift (by an animal or otherwise) they should clean the wound, bandage it properly, and only tell a staff member if it is a serious wound.
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