Fire Marshal's Office

The Fire Marshal’s Office has many tasks and works with many different agencies from the private sector as well as the public sector at the local, state, and national levels. The primary responsibility of the Fire Marshal’s Office is to provide fire protection and prevention measures to reduce the threat of fire and fire-related injuries.

Community Partnership

Fire prevention measures performed through the Fire Marshal’s Office could not be carried out if not supported by the citizenry living and working in Pitt County, as well as our emergency service volunteer responders. It takes a partnership of everyone working together to help reduce the threat of fire. A common phrase communicated by staff in the Fire Marshal’s Office is, “Fire is real, it does not discriminate, and could happen to you, so please do your part to prevent fire.”


The Fire Marshal’s Office has created and adopted the acronym, “F.I.R.E.S.”, to provide a summary of the tasks that are performed.
  • Fire Code Enforcement
  • Investigation of Fires
  • Review of Blueprints
  • Educational Presentations
  • Support of Fire Departments
  1. Fire Code Enforcement
  2. Investigation of Fires
  3. Review of Blueprints
  4. Educational Presentations
  5. Support of Volunteers

Fire Code Enforcement

The State of North Carolina mandated that all commercial buildings, in addition to other types of buildings, be inspected on a revolving schedule. The purpose of the inspections is to aid in the safeguarding of life and property from fire to buildings, structures, and premises through the North Carolina Fire Code.


All members of the Fire Marshal’s Office are certified fire inspectors through the State of North Carolina’s Fire Inspection Certification Program.

More Information

The Fire Marshal’s Office, along with the entire Emergency Management Department, supports the administrative and response needs of the departments. If you have fire prevention related questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Fire Marshal’s Office as we stand prepared to assist in any way possible to help reduce the threat of fire and fire-related injuries.