Envision Pitt County 2045 - Comprehensive Land Use Plan



The Envision Pitt County 2045 Comprehensive Land Use Plan, which was adopted by the Board of Commissioners on March 20, 2023 and became effective on May 1, 2023, serves as an integral guide for development in Pitt County.  A Comprehensive Plan is a tool used for guiding the growth, redevelopment, and overall improvement of the county over the next twenty (20) years.  

Development of the plan was a community-driven effort, and Pitt County staff met with stakeholders, citizens, elected officials and appointed boards to create the plan.  Initial public input meetings were held in Summer of 2022 at D. H. Conley High School, Ayden-Grifton High School, Farmville Central High School, and North Pitt High School.  In the Fall of 2022 additional meetings were held at the Community Schools and Recreation Building at Alice Keene District Park and at North Pitt High School.  A project website was developed to provide information about the plan, and was updated regularly throughout the process.  The County developed a community survey which was available in English and Spanish, and which could be completed online and via paper copy.


The Envision Pitt County 2045 Comprehensive Land Use Plan updated the previous 2030 Pitt County Comprehensive Land Use Plan (adopted in 2011).  The North Carolina General Statutes recognizes the importance of long-range, comprehensive planning by requiring that all zoning map amendments (i.e. rezonings) be consistent with an adopted land use plan.  Additionally, an updated Comprehensive Plan is required in order to enact and enforce zoning regulations.  It is important that the plan reflect the County's current vision and priorities for development, and regular updates provide an opportunity every 5-10 years to have a conversation with the community.

Major concerns and priorities addressed by the plan include managing growth, encouraging more investment north of the Tar River, protecting farmland, managing flooding, improving transportation infrastructure, and addressing lack of affordable housing.


The plan establishes specific goals and policy recommendations for seven topic areas within the County.  These recommendations are meant to guide decision-making and actions by the County and its partners. These topic areas are:

•    Land Use and Development

•    Housing

•    Economic Development

•    Cultural Assets and Agriculture

•    Parks and Community Health

•    Transportation

•    Natural Environment


The plan also provides a Future Land Use Map (PDF), which is consistently consulted when reviewing proposed development plans, particularly rezoning proposals.  The map includes eight (8) color-coded Character Areas which describe the desired types of development, density recommendations, and design characteristics.


For more information on the Envision Pitt County 2045 Comprehensive Land Use Plan, please contact the Pitt County Planning Department at (252) 902-3250.