Voter Registration

  1. Absentee Voting

    Any qualified voter of Pitt County may vote by absentee ballot in a statewide primary, general, or special election on constitutional amendments, referenda or bond proposals.

  2. Party Affiliation

    When you register, you will be asked to declare your party affiliation.

  3. Registration Locations

    You may register to vote or change your address, name, or party, by submitting a signed mail-in registration form available at several county locations.

  4. Requirements

    The county has requirements to determine if someone can register to vote.

  5. Voter Information

    There is a wealth of general information regarding voting that is helpful for present and future voters to be familiar with.

  6. Voter Registration Application

    Use our convenient form to apply for voter registration. Forms must be filled out completely and returned to the Board of Elections office.

  7. Voter Statistics (PDF)

    Review the numbers regarding voters and turnout for Pitt County.