Filing for 2020 Offices

Candidate filing will begin at noon Monday, December 2 and end at noon Friday, December 20. Filing fees must be paid by check or money order.

Click here to see a list of offices, filing fees, and where to file. If you plan to file for office in Pitt County, please complete the Candidate Information Form and bring it with you to the Elections Office when you file. Another helpful set of forms to complete ahead of time is the candidate packet. If you do not complete any forms ahead of time, we will do so with you when filing at the Elections Office.

2020 Primary Candidates

2020 General Election Candidates

Search Voter Registration Information

Are you registered? Is your information current? Use the State Board of Elections & Ethics Enforcement Voter Search tool to look up registration by name. With this tool you can see:

  • Voter Details (address and demographic information)
  • Jurisdictions (assigned voting districts based on registered address)
  • Election Day Polling Place (name, address, photos, and link to map)
  • Sample Ballot (ballot is based on assigned voting districts)
  • Voter History (list of participated elections)
  • Absentee Requests (displays status of absentee request/ballot, if applicable)

REMINDER: On Election Day you must go to your assigned polling place to cast your ballot.

The Elections Office Services

  • Determines electoral district voting status for all voters, including voters affected in areas annexed by municipalities
  • In-person and mail-in voter registration
  • Provides absentee voting services as authorized by statute
  • Updates voter records upon receipt of signed change registration forms


Computerized voter data and statistics are available at cost to the public upon specific written request. Original election data can be examined in the office.


New voter registration, political party changes, and address changes (if move made more than 30 days prior to an election) should be received in the Elections Office before the books close on the 25th day prior to any election. For the 2020 Primary the registration deadline is February 7, 2020.

Change of Address 

Moving could change a person’s voting precinct and districts. It is unlawful to vote in a precinct from which one has moved more than 30 days prior to an election. Questions should be directed to the Elections Office. Voter Guides including pertinent voting information are mailed to voters with voter registration cards. 

Voter Photo ID

Beginning in 2020, when you present to vote, you will be asked to show photo ID. If you do not show photo ID, you may vote provisionally. Your provisional ballot will count if you bring acceptable photo ID to the County Board of Elections office before canvass, or if you sign an affidavit declaring that a reasonable impediment prevented you from showing photo ID. If you vote by mail, you must enclose a copy of your photo ID unless you sign an affidavit declaring that a reasonable impediment prevented you from enclosing a copy of your photo ID.

You can obtain a free photo ID at the Board of Elections office any time until the Friday before the election. You must complete a NC Voter ID Card Request Form in order to receive your ID.

Additional information can be found on the NC State Board of Elections web-page.

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Informational Documents