Planning Division

The Planning Division performs professional analytical and administrative work for the Pitt County Emergency Management Office.


This division’s primary function is the formulation and management of various plans, programs, and procedures that deal with preparation, response to, recovery and mitigation as related to emergency and disaster events. In order for Pitt County to ensure preparedness and a constant state of readiness, a systematic approach known as the four phases of emergency management are utilized. This continuous process is effective in managing all types and sizes of incidents.

Emergency Planner

The Emergency Planner is responsible for the coordination of the annual review and implementation of updates to the Pitt County’s Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP). Another major function is the activities related to the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). This consists of developing procedures and guidelines, maintaining accurate records and data for a constant state of readiness in response to an event.

Other Agencies

The Emergency Planner works closely with Federal, State and local agencies such as:
Also, this position is heavily involved in the planning and coordination of exercises and training for first responder agencies.