Buyout Property Leasing

With the increase in amount of properties owned by Pitt County through the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, concern arose over the amount of maintenance needed for the properties. In order to lessen the number of properties that the County needed to maintain, the Commissioners agreed to offer the properties to adjacent property owners for their personal use.


With this program, the property would remain in the ownership of Pitt County as required by the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, but would be leased to Pitt County citizens for use and maintenance. The leasing program allows individuals to lease county property for a small amount of money. The lessee can use the property for personal use as long as no permanent structure is erected on-site.


    • The County has acquired 117 properties totaling 296.43 acres.
    • As of May  2019, the County has leased a total of 84 properties, which accounts for 260.90 acres being used and maintained by Pitt County citizens.
    • Another 14 properties totaling 11.2 acres are being held by Pitt County or have been deeded to a local municipality.
    • Approximately 19 acres in 15 properties remain available for lease.


Lease Applications (PDF) are available upon request.