Floodplain Management

Floodplain management is the operation of an overall program of corrective and preventative measures for reducing flood damage, including but not limited to:
  • Emergency preparedness plans
  • Flood control works
  • Floodplain management regulations

Measures & Activities

Examples include:
Mapping communities to identify flood prone areas
Elevating buildings above the base flood
Relocating structures out of the floodplain

Community Assistance

The Pitt County Planning Department assists several communities in Pitt County with the enforcement of floodplain regulations. The communities we assist are:
  • Town of Ayden
  • Town of Grifton
  • Town of Grimesland
  • Town of Bethel
  • Village of Simpson
  • Town of Falkland
  • Town of Fountain

Requesting Assistance

If you live in one of these communities and need assistance, please contact the Pitt County Planning Department at 252-902-3250.