Human Relations Commission

  1. Jessica Williams

Mission: It shall be the mission of the HRC to promote inclusiveness, acceptance, and appreciation of all residents of Pitt County.


The Pitt County Human Relations Commission (HRC) was established to identify concerns in the area of human relations, make recommendations regarding these issues and engage in activities which shall effectively; (a) promote equality in such areas as economic, educational, governmental and cultural life of the community for all citizens without regard to race, creed, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation or disability, and work to eliminate discrimination of any of these bases; (b) encourage fair treatment and mutual understanding and respect among all citizens; (c) discover and seek to encounter practices and customs which create animosity and unrest; (d) make recommendations to the appointing authority for action it deems necessary for harmonious relationships among the citizens.


  • Study and recommend strategies for the prevention of potential human relations problems and crises and the promotion of good relations.
  • Identify, study and document areas of human need (housing, employment, education, transportation, etc.) in the County and recommend strategies for meeting those needs.
  • Endeavor to make the Human Relations Commission itself a model of good human relations at work.
  • Prepare and submit at least annually a report to the Pitt County Board of Commissioners
  • Cooperate with State, Federal and local governmental agencies.
  • Communicate regularly the work, observations and recommendations of the Human Relations Commission to the Pitt County Board of Commissioners.
  • Advise the Pitt County Board of Commissioners of recommended actions to aid and carry out the purposes of Ordinance Establishing Pitt County Human Relations Commission.
  • Promote and provide training/workshops for community advancement.
  • Advocate for equal employment opportunity.
  • Promote and provide education on equal housing opportunity.
  • Perform duties assigned by the Pitt County Board of Commissioners.
  • Provide opportunities for meaningful discussion on human relations throughout the community.
  • Provide information and referrals related to Human Relations issues.

While citizens are encouraged to reach out directly to their elected officials, they can also bring issues and concerns to the HRC by sending an email to the Community Relations Coordinator (please include your name, address, and contact information in all communications), mail to the County Manager’s Office located at 1717 W 5th St., Greenville, NC 27834, or stop by one of the monthly meetings.