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Dangerous Dog Investigation Request

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  2. Pitt County Animal Control
    4550 County Home Rd. Greenville, NC 27858 Telephone: (252) 902-1725
  3. Please answer the following description questions below about the dog:
  4. Notice to Person Filing Dangerous Dog Complaint*
    A dangerous dog investigation is scheduled so that it can be completed within 30 days. To insure that it can be completed in a timely manner, the Rabies Control Officer will need all written statements and evidence provided to you within 10 days of today’s date. Please be aware that evidence used in this investigation will be supplied by you and the dog’s owner. The information will be submitted to the Animal Control Manager at the expiration of the 10 day period. The Animal Control Manager will base her decision upon whatever information has been supplied to her. A new complaint may have to be filed, if the information is received after the 10 day period has expired.
    A copy of the law is also provided for your information.
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