E-911 Addressing

Planning staff updates and maintains Pitt County’s E-911 database. Pitt County Planning staff is responsible for handling questions and the assignment of new addresses on a day-to-day basis as authorized by the Addressing Ordinance (PDF) within Pitt County's Addressing Jurisdiction.


Our addressing jurisdiction includes unincorporated Pitt County:
  • Ayden
  • Bethel
  • Falkland
  • Farmville
  • Fountain
  • Grifton
  • Grimesland
  • Simpson
  • Winterville
5718 address numbers on a porch edge
The City of Greenville has its own addressing jurisdiction. An addressing hotline is utilized for general inquiries from the public regarding addressing in Pitt County. Citizens can reach the addressing hotline by dialing 252-902-3267.

Street Signs

Over 2,500 County street signs are maintained by the County’s Road Sign Coordinator. Street signage is checked monthly throughout the county and replaced as needed by the Road Sign Coordinator due to normal wear and tear, theft, vandalism and vehicular accidents. To report a damaged or missing road sign, please contact our office at 252-902-3250 or fill out the Damaged Or Missing Road Sign Form (PDF) and email or fax it to our office. Our fax number is 252-830-2576.

Noncompliant Signs

The Planning Department continues to identify and seek the removal of noncompliant or illegal road signage. Planning Department staff requires county residents to remove personal signs that resembled official, county-approved signs. These noncompliant road signs cause confusion to emergency services personnel and other citizens when attempting to locate a particular address.

Addressing Project

Since the completion of the E-911 addressing project for greater Pitt County and the nine municipalities within it, planning staff has been working on an effort to verify every addressable structure in the E-911 addressing database within unincorporated Pitt County.

First Phase

The first phase of the project is called Project E-SAVE (E-911 System Address Verification and Enforcement). ESAVE began in 2004 with the development of an audit-type database and Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping program used to verify the display of E-911 address numbers on addressable structures. In 2005, staff conducted the program within a pilot project area located in the northeast quadrant of Pitt County. After the completion of the pilot project, staff began auditing in E-SAVE Area 1 and will continue with the project until all of Pitt County's addressing jurisdiction has been canvassed. For more information on the E-SAVE project, citizens can request a copy of our brochure or download the E-SAVE Brochure (PDF) now.