Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation

Pitt County Community Development, a division of the Planning Department, offers programs that rebuild and repair homes for lower-income citizens. Each of these programs has a specified maximum funding level per home and certain qualification requirements for the homeowners. The County offers these rehabilitation projects to private contractors through a competitive bid process.


Pitt County’s Community Development Program (PDF) may be able to help with repairs to your home if you meet the following requirements:
  • You are a Pitt County Homeowner
  • You live outside the City Limits of Greenville
  • You are very-low to low-income
  • You are a single-parent
  • You have a large family
  • You are elderly
  • You are handicapped
  • You are a household with a child with an elevated blood lead level at/or above 10mg/dl
  • You need repairs to your home

Eligibility Process

  1. Submit General Information to be placed on waiting list with Pitt County by May 30th of each year.
  2. Attend mandatory Information Session during the summer of each year.
  3. Return Application with Required Documents by the deadline.
  4. Assessment of documents and house by staff.
  5. Determination of Eligibility.

Grant Programs Offered

The Community Development Program offers different grants that help rehabilitate or replace houses.
  • NC Housing Finance- Single Family Rehabilitation (SFR) - This grant is available for Senior Citizens (age 62 and over). This grant has limitations and follows strict guidelines. However, this grant is only offered every three years.
  • NC Housing Finance-Urgent Repair Program (URP) - This program covers both major and minor home repairs. The maximum amount is $10,000.

Other Programs


This program covers both major and minor home repairs. It is offered as a supplement to existing funding. Funds may be obtained to compliment a project for completion. There are two different programs, a grant and a loan.
  • The maximum amount allotted for materials with the grant is $7,500 and there is no lien placed on the home.
  • The maximum amount allotted for materials with the loan is $20,000. This is a 1% interest loan over 20 years and a lien is placed on the home.