Financial Reports

Financial Services produces several reports each year. Read below to find out more. 

Annual Comprehensive Financial Report

This Annual Comprehensive Financial Report is divided into three major sections: Introductory, Financial and Statistical. The Introductory Section includes a transmittal letter, the County's organizational chart, and the list of government officials. The Financial Section includes the general purpose financial statements and the combining and individual fund and account group financial statements and schedules, as well as the independent auditors' report and the Management's Discussion and Analysis. The Statistical Section, which is unaudited, includes selected financial and demographic information, generally presented on a multi-year basis.

Note:  The Annual Comprehensive Financial Report was previously called the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).  In FY 21-22, the Government Finance Officers Association advised all affiliates to stop using the four-letter acronym commonly associated with the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report.

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Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR)

The PAFR is designed to address that issue by providing a summary of the County’s financial position in a user-friendly format. This publication represents the ongoing commitment of Pitt County officials to keep citizens informed about County finances and to be accountable for the receipt and expense of public funds. 
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Performance Measures

Pitt County believes accountability and continuous improvement are essential elements for management. As such, these principles have guided the County's development of the Performance Measurement project over the past several years.
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Revenue Manual

The Pitt County Revenue Manual was produced to provide a reference for the major sources of
County General Fund revenues. The manual format was organized to provide revenue
description, legal authorization, method of collection, authorized use, rate and collection
frequency, exemptions, restrictions, five-year Revenue History and discussion section.
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