Emergency Medical Services

Pitt County Emergency Medical Services (PCEMS) is the medical division of Pitt County Emergency Management.


The mission of the division is dually focused on maintenance of the “County EMS System Plan,” support of the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) during storms or other incidents, and the operation of a county government based service program.


The Pitt County EMS System is a conglomerate of agencies ranging from private non-profit emergency paramedic units, to municipal and local government sponsored advanced life support responders, but also includes private for profit non-emergency providers as well as a hospital based specialty care transport program. This multitude of providers work in conjunction to meet the variable needs and demands of a thriving urban, suburban and rural community on a day to day basis. Visit our business directory for a list of EMS Squads.

Professional Entities

The County EMS System Plan requires that PCEMS interacts with a number of professional entities, including:
  • City of Greenville Fire-Rescue
  • ECU Brody School of Medicine
  • For profit non-emergency franchisees
  • Non-profit emergency contractors
  • North Carolina Office of EMS
  • Pitt Community College
  • Pitt County Memorial Hospital
In this capacity, the division assures regulatory oversight compliance for the state, disseminates information to all providers as well as providing for a central point of contact for system coordination.

Vial of Life Program

Learn more about the Vial of Life Program.

National AED Registry

As part of an AED grant initiative funded by the VIDANT Medical Foundation, we have engaged the use of the ATRUS-National AED registry to gather and update information about AEDs located in our community. Please take a moment to review the instructional document (PDF) and then access the registry site.

AED Informational Documents