Advertise with PATS

Pitt Area Transit offers area agencies and businesses the opportunity to place advertisements on Pitt Area Transit Vehicles with three different sizes available. Advertising on our fleet can be a great marketing opportunity for your program, agency or business.


The Pitt Area Transit fleet provides public transportation to all areas of Pitt County, as well as some areas of Beaufort County. Your advertisement could be seen in three counties and as much as 8 to 10 hours in one day. We will assist you in finding the right vehicle route in order to reach your target market.

Size & Cost

Advertisements will run in 6 or 12 month contracts (PDF). Vehicle ads will be in the following three sizes:
  • 20 by 120 inches - $100/month
  • 20 by 72 inches - $75/month
  • 20 by 36 inches - $45/month

Art Development

The rates do not include removable artwork, which will be completed by the vendor of your choice. Your agency/business will be responsible for working with your selected vendor to develop your advertisement. You will also be responsible for paying your selected vendor for the artwork itself.