Adoptable Animals

Adopting a Dog or Cat

We offer a very simple adoption process. All animals MUST be spayed/neutered before going home with the adopter! All of our dogs are vaccinated with DHPP and Bordetella vaccine upon entry to our shelter. Dogs and puppies have an adoption fee of $125. Cats and kitten have an adoption fee of $85.  If the animal is already altered at the time of adoption, they will have a reduced adoption fee and you will be able to take the pet home with you that day.  If the animal is not altered at the time of adoption, then we hold the pet overnight and take them to our vet the next business day to be spayed or neutered.  The adopter will then pick the pet up from our vets office that afternoon.  Pets that are adopted Thursday through Saturday will not be able to be spayed/neutered until the following Monday, and the adopter would pick the pet up that Monday Afternoon. Dogs have a scheduled pick up time of 3:00p.m. on the day of their surgery, while cats are scheduled to be picked up at 4:00p.m.  All pets MUST be picked up from the vets office by the adopter no later than 5:00p.m. on the day of their surgery.

Are you looking to adopt a pet in the Greenville area? We have a number of lovable pets waiting for adoption in Greenville. is one of the largest pet adoption sites with animal rescue groups all over the United States and Canada. can give you access to a number of adoptable pets in Greenville looking for a kind, loving owner to take them home. This page is dedicated to our pet adoption shelter in Greenville where you will find plenty of adoptable pets waiting for a loving owner to take them home. 

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