PITTCycle Fridays

PittCycleFridayEach Friday at NOON, items that have been discarded at the Pitt County Transfer Station as waste, but can be upcycled into usable items, are posted to the Solid Waste & Recycling Facebook page. View PITTCycle Fridays posts on the Solid Waste & Recycling Facebook page.

Once posted, residents can claim items by commenting on the post using a “first claimed, first reserved” system, similar to Facebook Marketplace. Once reserved, the first claim holder must pick up the item at the Transfer Station by 4:00pm on the following Thursday. Items not picked up will be re-posted at a later time. 

PITTCycle Fridays Success Story 2


  • Each claim holder MUST sign a waiver form before taking possession of item. Forms can be signed out at the Transfer Station upon pick up their item - OR - filled out prior to pickup and brought to the Transfer Station (form can be filled out at the transfer station, or downloaded by CLICKING HERE).
  • Only one item (or item set) per claim holder, per Freecycle Friday posting
  • Items cannot be claimed on behalf of someone else (i.e. No postings saying "claiming for 'John Doe', etc.)
  • Claim holder must be at least 18 years old, and show an ID to pick up of the item(s) that matches their online profile
  • Claim holder must inform the County (via post comment), if sending someone other than themselves to pick up the items
  • Items NOT picked up by the first claim holder will be offered again at a later time
  • Original claim holder will forfeit their right to the item in its next posting if they do not pick it up FOR ANY REASON (no exceptions)
  • No holds or reserves beyond the initial claim holder (i.e. no calling "next in line")
  • Claim holders must NOT profit off of the DIRECT resale of the item  (NOTE: This does not include using the item in creating an entirely new product, such as and art piece)


Claim items must be picked up at the Transfer Station, before close of business on the following Thursday at 4:00PM. To pick up items, go to the scale house at the entrance to the Transfer Station, located at 3025 Landfill Road, Greenville, NC 27834, and inform the attendant you are there for a PITTCycle Friday claim. You will be directed on which building to go to for item pick up. You MUST weigh your vehicle on the scales before and after picking up your items. 


This program is a pilot project to assess the effectiveness of up-cycling and alternative recycling efforts, for the purpose of reducing the overall waste disposal load of Pitt County. This project is the first of its kind in regionally. If at any point this project proves inefficient or unmanageable, staff can and will discontinue without public notification. Once an item leaves the transfer station, it becomes the property of the claim holder. If the item is no longer wanted or needed, the item must be properly disposed of at the claim holder's expense, if any.