Litter Free For You & Me Campaign

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Littering and illegal trash dumping hurts community pride, Pitt County development and natural resources.  

Together, we can make a difference.Illegal dumping form QR code

Secure your loads to prevent unintentional littering. Secure all trash loads with a tarp, cargo net, or tie down. Free tarps will be available at flash giveaway events during the campaign.   

Report illegal dumping! Scan QR code, call 252-902-3357, email or click here. 

Volunteer & receive service hours.  Call 252-902-3350 to learn more about upcoming Litter Sweeps or other ways to get involved! 

Join the community movement to make our county litter free for you and me. 

Download Campaign Toolkit

Make Pitt County Litter Free!    Call 252-902-3350 to Volunteer!

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